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                Company Strength

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                   Our Company have a strict incoming inspection and control process, using formal chips  brands such as USA bridgelux and Taiwan epistar , US Dowcorning glue and 99.99% Herqeus gold wire from Germany. Our products have passed CE, RoHS, ISO9001 and other professional certifications.,and Obtained a number of patent certificates.

                1. Chip

                    Use the original imported chips from U.S. Bridgelux &TaiWan Epistar etc.

                2. Gold Wire
                Use the German Heraeus brand gold wire, gold purity 99.99%
                Potting glue

                    Use Dow Corning Potting Adhesive

                4. Phosphor

                    Use the original imported chips from U.S. IntematixMitsubishi phosphor.









                  5.0x104 -10x109Ω


                   Class 10,000 dustproof

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