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                Quality Assurance

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                Through The Establishment, Implementation And Improvement Of The Quality Management System, Economically Meet The Quality Requirements Of Customers, And Strive To Achieve "Full Participation, Quality First; Focus On The Process, Focus On Results; Refinement And Innovation, Continuous Improvement."

                The Company Is In Close Contact With Major Companies And Proposes Guidelines And Management Ideas For Refining 5M Change Management (People, Equipment, Materials, Methods, Environmental Changes), PDCA, 5W1H And Sanxianism. Under The Help And Guidance Of Famous Companies, Combined With The Production Characteristics Of Our Company's Optoelectronics, We Have Carried Out Process Transformation, System Documentation Changes, Staff Training, Equipment Anomaly Management, Materials, Methods, Working Environment Conditions Have Been Improved. In Order To Continue To Track, Verify, And Improve Problems With Improvements, Changes, And Changes, The Quality Management Department Has Implemented A Change And Change Management Model Throughout The Company Based On Continuous Improvement In August 2015. After The Change And Abnormality Management Mode Was Fully Developed, It Effectively Improved The Process Control Capability And Laid A Solid Foundation For The Discovery Of Abnormalities, Improvement Of Abnormalities And System Analysis.

                We solemnly promised that all the products supplied by our company will be strictly controlled by us to eliminate the inflow of fake and shoddy products into the market. All kinds of disputes caused by quality problems caused by our products are subject to our responsibility!

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