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                Plant-growing Led Module
                OEM Module

                Plant-growing red: 660-665nm, blue: 460-470nm ‘s reasonable combination, to bring sufficient light energy for the plants.Red color promotes plant growth, germination, flowering, plays a large role in the coloration of plants, promoting photosynthesis of plants.Blue color can increase the activity of chloroplasts and prevent plants from growing, but on the other hand, it will inhibit plant growth, so blue light should not be used too much.

                • Product Manual

                Specify different spectrum according to the plant's lighting Preference.

                Accurate plant wavelength and conducive to plant growth.

                Plants absorb different wavelengths of sunlight. Artificial light sources can be configured according to the absorption spectrum of plants. Due to the stability of the single wavelength of LED light sources, LEDs are considered to be precisely controlled in the range of 380-800 nm. LEDs are not only highly efficient in terms of energy utilization, but are also unmatched by other light sources in the absorption spectrum control of plant photosynthesis.

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